Official ceremony of delivering certificates

Delivery of the qualification certificates is the final stage of  evaluation exams for the graduates' professional preparedness. Ceremony of delivering certificates has become as one of the traditional events organized for the graduates of the colleges. This year about 5160 college graduates took the qualification exams of professional preparedness and 5045 graduates  passed them successfully and got the certificates.

The ceremony of delivering certificates and diplomas is organized jointly with the colleges. We invited to the ceremony the chairmen of the finals, the employers, the representatives of the regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs of  Zhambyl oblast and parents committee.

The official ceremony of delivering certificates was held at the Taraz chemical and technology college in June 2017. The graduates of the college organized the concert. The ceremony was attended by the representatives of Education Department  and the regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs of  Zhambyl oblast and by the director of the educational center of JSC 'Kazfosfat'.

Inviting the directors and vice directors of  academic and production work of colleges to the official organization of delivering certificates was aimed  for sharing our experience in organizing the ceremony. The goal of this ceremony is not only delivering the certificates to the college graduates but also giving opportunity to get offers for the job from the invited employers and motivate them  to pass the tests successfully. tozhzestvennoe vruchenie taraz