Main directions

- research activity;

- consulting and expert activity;

- retraining and professional development in the field of new educational technologies of training in TVET;

- strategic planning.

Purpose and tasks:

Purpose: scientific and practical providing system of technical and vocational education on the basis of results of the analysis, researches, scientific achievements in education and advanced technology in the industry for the purpose of guaranteeing quality of professional qualification and training of competitive experts of serving and technical work.

Main objectives:

1) participation in development of suggestions for improvement legislative and regulations of TVET;

2) participation in development of offers and recommendations about TVET improvement of quality;

3) participation in development of professional qualification requirements and characteristics by professions and specialties of technical and serving work;

4) participation in development of educational and methodical documents for the TVET organizations, courses of a vocational education;

5) organization of courses of retraining, professional development of engineering and pedagogical workers in the field of studying and introduction of new educational technologies in system of technical and vocational education;

6) organization of cooperation with social partners in questions of preparation, retraining and professional development of experts of technical and serving work;

7) participation in the organization and carrying out the international, republican and regional conferences, seminars concerning development of TVET, competitions of professional skill, etc.;

8) organization and carrying out fundamental and applied scientific works;

9) carrying out researches on problems of TVET development;

10) studying, analysis and preparation of recommendations about topical issues of TVET development;

11) preparation of materials for the edition of information collections, results of scientific researches.