Reporting forms

List of documents and report


Schedule of qualification testing

The schedule for a year

Schedules of trial testing

The total table of results of ALPR in a section educational an institution

Business trips

Report on a qualification examination (qualitative)

Report on a qualification examination (quantitative)

Report of Qualification examinations on technical and humanitarian specialties

Report on certificates

List of reporting documents

List of specialties

Structure of observers

Structures of the appeal commissions

Structures of the qualification commissions

Form on ALPR

Form of lists

Educational material BONDS base

3rd third-party Contract

Readiness act

The contract ALPR with the appendix

Contract ALPR for a repeating an examination


Downloading and changes of documents in the investments tab available to center branches. The password for an entrance can be received through the administrator of the center +7 7172 310373