Secretariat of the working group of National council

The purpose - assistance in realization of a state policy in the field of development of a manpower and coordination of work on providing branches of economy with qualified personnel.


- Preparation and submitting for examination in Council of offers for preparation and retraining of qualified personnel and the Plan of its work for current years;

- Development of recommendations about the priority directions of development of technical and vocational education;

- Analysis of activity branch, regional and boards of trustees;

- Conducting monitoring of execution of legal decisions of Council;

- Development of drafts of the regulations concerning activity of Council;

- Development of recommendations about coordination of questions of staffing of economy;

- Providing the organization of work of Council, to agenda formation, collecting offers for consideration at Council meetings.

- Interaction with government bodies and the organizations for the questions entering competence of Council.


Omarbekova Zhuldyz Kairzhanovna

Utemissov Adlan Ukataevich
тел+7 7172 24-52-17