College partnership of Kazakhstan and France

Main directions of cooperation between the TVET educational institutions of Kazakhstan and France

- development and improvement of educational literature and educational and methodical grants in TVET sphere;

- exchange of experiment on questions of professional qualification requirements and characteristics by professions and specialties of technical and vocational education;

- work on strengthening and expansion of system of vocational guidance;

- ensuring cooperation between social partners (organizations of professional education, associations of employers and bodies of local government);

- ensuring implementation of programs of professional development for heads of the TVET organizations in Kazakhstan and France;

- expansion and strengthening of knowledge of both Parties in the field of TVET and increase of the international experience;

- rendering the advisory help of both Parties in the field of TVET;

- introduction of innovative methods of training in the field of TVET;

- exchange of employees, students of both Parties;

- joint organization of exhibitions, scientific and applied conferences and seminars, information publications.