Dual system of training

Nowadays in the country 888 TVET organizations work.

In them 587,3 thousand people, including more than 338, 1 thousand by a state order are trained. Training is conducted on 185 specialties.

In the substantial plan for improvement of quality of TVET are undertaken a number of measures: iobrazovatelny programs are updated the state obligatory standard of education (SOSE), professional standards are developed, the independent assessment of qualification of graduates other takes root.

However the main problem there is a discrepancy of qualification to labor market requirements.

Similar shortcomings of training of future experts the system of dual training combining in educational process both theoretical, and practical preparation is deprived.

The dual system is equitable to interests of all parties participating in it — the enterprises, workers, the state.

In Kazakhstan real measures for introduction of dual (cooperative) education are taken. The regulatory legal base is created:

Law "About Education" (subitem 35-1 of Art. 1)

"Cooperative training – one of forms of the organization of vocational training of the shots based on corporate responsibility of the state, employers and educational institutions".

State program of a development of education in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020.

"Cooperative training taking into account the actual demand of the enterprises will be widely introduced. Training in the TVET educational institutions will be attractive and prestigious for youth".

XIX session of Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan from on April 27, 2012.

"To define the list of the basic enterprises and to develop the step-by-step plan of introduction of dual model of system of preparation of personnel".

Article of the Head of state – "Social modernization of Kazakhstan: Twenty steps to Society of General Work".

"It is important to develop dual professional education. The modern centers of applied qualifications which will allow to overcome a staff deficit of mass professions" are necessary.

On a constant basis the Temirtau Forum on introduction of dual system of training is held.

The Ministry of Education and JSC FNB "Samruk Kаzyna" approved the Plan of measures (road map) on introduction of dual system of training of personnel in JSC FNB Companies "Samruk Kаzyna" which provides step-by-step introduction of dual system of preparation of personnel. The draft of the Provision on the enterprises and the organizations of education working on introduction of dual model of training is developed.

Following the results of the Round table which has been carried out on June 18, 2013 under the chairmanship of Irsaliyev Serik Aztayevich - the chairman of Committee on control in education and science MES RK, in JSC RSMC 24 experimental platforms on introduction of dual system of training on the basis of colleges in all 16 regions are created. Almost 3-sided contracts are signed with all colleges.

Within this project studying and development of uniform requirements for creation of the Kazakhstan model of dual training in TVET system is planned within 3 years.

Introduction of the Kazakhstan model of dual training promotes the solution of the following tasks:

- the issue of definition of requirement of shots is resolved (the market itself regulates need for shots. The basic principle DT is signing of the contract with the enterprise on practical training. Thus the enterprises are guided by the requirements);

- the issue of employment of graduates (many students remain to work in the same enterprises where passed practical training) is in many respects resolved;

- the issue of compliance of the content of education to requirements of employers (employers prepare a training order at the enterprise and coordinate with theoretical training in college) is resolved;

- the issue of sufficient financing of system of TVET is resolved (the most part of financing is the share of the enterprises: on practical training (including compensation of students), expendable material, help in material support of masterful professional schools);

as a whole raises prestige of TVET system.