Qualification upgrading in France

Within implementation of the plan of action to the Memorandum of partnership between the International center of the pedagogical researches CIEP, Sevr (France), JSC Republican Scientific and Methodological Center of Technical and Vocational Education Development and Qualification Assignment begins process of the organization of professional development and training for an administrative board of the TVET educational institutions, teachers of special disciplines and training officers with issue of certificates of the international sample.

Organization form:

− theoretical and practical classes - are given by competent experts of CIEP and other TVET organizations of France;

− visit of the TVET corresponding organizations of France;

− summing up an educational trip and discussion of its results with all participants.

The program of courses is directed on studying of experience and establishment of business contacts with the TVET educational institutions of France.

Center tasks:

− collection of information from heads of colleges on actual subjects of advanced training courses;

− formation of group on course subject;

− visa support for a trip.

Number of listeners: 15 people in one trip.

Training term: 10 working days.

Venue: International center of pedagogical researches, Sevr (France).

Expected results: improvement of quality of work of the TVET educational institutions.

For additional information call Department of development of partnership and international relations the fax sweated/: +7 (7172) 24-52-17, 24-48-86, e-mail: intercoop_rnmc@mail.ru.


International center of the pedagogical researches CIEP,

city of Sevr, (France)


Created in 1945 and become since 1987 public institution of national level, the International center of the pedagogical researches CIEP gained recognition in France and abroad thanks to the competence of area of examination, education, an assessment of knowledge, and also thanks to work of scientific thought in the sphere of the international cooperation in education.

The public institution which subordinated to the Ministry of Education and has been closely connected with numerous partners: the French state and private organizations, and also with large international investors.

Two main directions of activity: to promote recognition of value of the French expert knowledge abroad, to participate in actions for increase of appeal of France and for giving to its education system of the international character.

Two fields of activity: education (general, professional and higher education, recognition of diplomas) and languages (French, foreign languages, certification and assessment).

For carrying out the actions the Center leans on a network of the French and international experts and partners, and also on knowledge and experience of the 240 employees.

For support of held events the Center has scientific and information structures: service of reception of foreign delegations, the center of documentary resources and the magazine under the name "Sevres International Educational Magazine" (Revueinternationaled'éducationdeSèvres).

As the center of the international seminars, CIEP accepts and will organize colloquiums and the conferences devoted to modern problems of education.

Being located in rooms of the former Sevres Royal porcelain manufactory, the Center has the infrastructure necessary for reception and accommodation of guests in modern and comfortable conditions.

Information about the International center of the pedagogical researches CIEP is taken from a site http://www .ciep.fr/ru/