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Orphans – from the heart!

01-08-2017 news

Orphans – from the heart! Charity in Kazakhstan is good ancient tradition. This manifestation of geniality and disinterested mutual aid. According to sociological data (data Kazinform), in 10 years the charity...


Official ceremony of delivering certific…

28-07-2017 news

Official ceremony of delivering certificates Delivery of the qualification certificates is the final stage of  evaluation exams for the graduates' professional preparedness. Ceremony of delivering certificates has become as one of...


Round table in the framework of the area…

29-05-2017 news

Round table in the framework of the areal study “Turin Process in Kazakhstan” at the premises of the Kostanay Industrial and Pedagogical College In 2017, for the first time the study...


Seminar on the topic "Evaluation of…

30-01-2017 news

Seminar on the topic "Evaluation of the level of professional readiness of technical and vocational education graduates" On November 10, 2016 a cooperative seminar “Evaluation ofthe level of professional readiness of...


Korea-Kazakhstan Economic Cooperation Fo…

05-05-2014 news

On April 28th, 2014 in the city of Almaty the Korea-Kazakhstan Economic Cooperation Forum took place. Main objectives of this Forum are granting the opportunity for the analytical centers of...


Regional news

VII областной форум «Профессиональное об…

30-11-2017 Региональные новости

В Уральске 17 ноября 2017 года прошел седьмой областной форум: «Профессиональное    образование и бизнес: диалог   партнеров».  В форуме приняли участие, заместитель Акима области Оспанкулов Г.А, начальник  управления координации и занятости...


Round table in the framework of the regi…

28-07-2017 Региональные новости

  Round table in the framework of the regional investigation "Torino Process in Kazakhstan On May 20 'Kasipker' Holding jointly with Education Department of Zhambyl oblast organized the round table discussion at...


Regional competition "Best gaz-elec…

07-02-2017 Региональные новости

Regional competition "Best gaz-electric welder - 2016" In the traditional annual messages to the people of the Republic of Kazakhstan the President noted the necessity to improve the training of workers...